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Nutrition is the answer. Your better nutrition starts here. Let's meet and create a plan. No need to overthink it. Just a simple approach to give you your life and vitality back.

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I'm Casey
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My own journey of unmet medical needs, desperation and hopelessness catapulted me into a thirst for answers. I bring 16 years of holistic research and unyielding drive to support and help others find their truth.

"Working with Holifli has been an amazing experience. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my health and nutrition since we started our sessions. I would highly recommend Holifli to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life!"

Shawn L.

Mind, Body, &
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Reduce Pain &

Lessen Anxiety
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Nutritional Education Group Workshops

Workshops are typically held online and are scheduled Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30 and Saturdays between 2:30-4:00. Spots are limited.

In person workshops can be arranged for groups. Travel fees may apply. 

Let's do this!

Educational Group Package Pricing

Looking for something not listed? Get in touch and let's talk!

Basic Holistic Nutrition
Regain your Power
4 weekly sessions - 1.5 hours each
Learn the nuances of a healthy diet and lifestyle and how to apply them.
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Advanced Holistic Nutrition
Make the Change
12 weekly sessions - 1.5 hours each
Go beyond the basics. Get down to the why and how of restorative health.
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Gut Microbiome &
Your Health Revolution
6 weekly sessions - 1.5 hours each
The secrets of health live in your gut! Learn how to turn it all around.
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Personal Nutritional Coaching - In Person or Online

Travel Fees May apply. Additional time to sessions will be subject to a $75/hour charge. 

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Private Nutrition Pricing & Packages

Looking for something not listed? Get in touch and let's talk!

2 Hour Consultation
One time consultation
Consultations are separate from packages
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8 sessions
Weekly 90 mins each
Sound Therapy Package Add On $150
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12 sessions
Weekly 90 mins each
Sound Therapy Package Add On $220
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Sound Therapy

These short sessions pack a big punch by helping calm anxiousness, lift spirits and calm the central nervous system. Help to alleviate the pain and heaviness of trauma, center the spirit and help your body find a foundation for healing.

Let's do this!

Sound Therapy Pricing and Packages

Looking for something not listed? Get in touch and let's talk!

Phone Sessions
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4 sessions
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8 sessions
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4 Week Nutrition Education Program

Learn all about good nutrition and how to implement into your life with weekly 90 minute live online meetups. Get info, take notes, ask questions, and go!

4 week Nutrition Education Program

Pricing Options

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Basic plan
Package purchased in advance.
30 minute session
Learn about how what we eat shows up ON our body
Learn how thinking and perspective can change everything
Get a grip on what it means to actually BE healthy
Understand how to implement these points into your world effectively and long term
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